7 Things to Consider with Properties for Sale or for Rent in Sutton

If you are looking at houses for sale or properties for rent in the Sutton area, you’ll need a good estate agent to make the transition from one home to another easier. The chances are that you’ll have to do a bit of homework too, and this applies as much to sellers and landlords in Sutton and Surrey as it does to prospective buyers and tenants.


To help you along the way, we’ve highlighted some of the things you’ll need to consider with properties for sale or for rent. By taking some precautions now, you could save yourself a mountain of hassle later. If you still have any questions or concerns after reading this page, talk to an estate agent at Webbs. We’re based in the Rosehill area of Sutton.


1. When looking at houses for sale in Sutton, or when viewing properties for rent, try to see the building as a building and not as a potential home. If you start to become emotionally attached to properties for sale or for rent, you may not be able to make an informed decision on whether there are problems which need to be ironed out.


2. Ask your preferred estate agent to take you to the property during the day, at night and over a weekend. Some houses for sale in Sutton, and just as many properties for rent, will be noticeably different based on when you see them. This will give you a good idea on traffic conditions, light and how the neighbourhood feels.


3. Don’t let your estate agent rush you when you’re looking at properties for sale or for rent. Statistically, 52% of buyers who only look at a property for 10 minutes of less end up paying the asking price and sometimes more. 71% of those who spend 90 minutes or more viewing houses for sale pay less than the asking price.


4. Different areas of Sutton have a different sense of community, so we recommend a further visit to the area you’re considering without your estate agent. How are things during rush hours and school hours? Is there excessive noise from pubs and night spots in the evening? How do things differ on weekdays and over weekends?


5. Use your nose as well as your eyes when looking at houses for sale or properties for rent. Even if there are no physical signs of dampness, you should always exercise caution if a Sutton property has a dank and musty smell. More than a third of buyers never check to see if properties for sale are affected by dampness.


6. Don’t be afraid to turn on taps, radiators and electrical switches (subject to supply). If something isn’t working as it should, the onus should really fall on the seller or the landlord to complete repairs. The cost of buying houses for sale, or of leasing properties for rent, can be expensive enough without any added repair bills.


7. When considering houses for sale in Sutton, be sure to arrange a full survey. A survey differs from a property valuation, and there’s a much better chance that underlying issues will be uncovered. Talk to your estate agent about a property survey, and don’t forget to look online for helpful guides on the type of survey you need.


Are you looking at properties for sale or properties for rent in Sutton? Follow our guidelines to avoid financial issues, unhappiness and disappointment.

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